The Tree of Life Children’s Academy (TOLCA)

At TOLCA, we understand how important the early years are to both you and your child. This is a time of remarkable growth, when children are experiencing rapid development, learning new skills, and progressing steadily towards physical, intellectual, and social-emotional milestones.

With that in mind, TOLCA provides intentional guidance and rich experiences that build upon individual strengths and talents. With our child development professionals at their sides, children at TOLCA are assured of getting the care that they need, the creative learning experiences they enjoy, and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve. That’s why, we are proud to announce that we will have an on-site STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) lab!


TOLCA offers activities and ideas to encourage scientific curiosity.

With an innate sense of wonder and endless enthusiasm for learning how things work, your child is born a scientist. Growing Scientists contains information, ideas, and resources to help you, as a parent, identify science activities like these in daily life and turn them into meaningful learning opportunities that inspire the ‘scientist’ in your child.

STEM activities will take minutes to complete and is best suited for toddler, preschool and school-age children within their perspective levels of learning. Projects include engineering, math robotics, the force of gravity, and environmental concepts.

Developing an interest in and passion for these subjects may encourage them to pursue STEM-related careers. STEM learning also helps children develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking skills, which are valuable in any career path.

TOLCA’s curricula may include programs such as Spanish, music and fine arts, gardening, cooking class; and learning more about environmental concepts and our world as a whole.